Two billion people use Facebook every month – so no matter what kind of audience you want to reach, you’ll find them.
6 in 10 businesses say – that having an online presence is important for their long-term success


Types of Facebook Advertising:

Facebook Advertising, Facebook Marketing Campaigns

Advertising on Facebook is based on the type of goal you want to achieve through the world’s largest social media network. One or more campaigns can be created depending on your business needs.

  • Getting to know the brand
  • Consider your bids
  • Conversions


1. Getting To Know The Brand

A. Promote Facebook Post

Promote an existing post on your Facebook page or create a new post that can be promoted and uploaded on Facebook. It is also possible to create a post that will be promoted to the default audience, but it will not appear on your Facebook page.

B. Promote Facebook Page

Connect more users to your Facebook page. Invite your customers and contacts to connect with you there to get in touch and keep up to date with what’s going on. You can add a call to action that directs your visitors to visit your website or directly call your business. It just takes a few clicks.

C. Increase Your Brand Recognition

Come up with users who are more likely to pay attention to your ads and increase brand recognition by for example by adding special content, such as displaying your menu, listing your services or showcasing your products with a shop section.

2. Consider Your Bids

A. Send Users To Your Website

The visitors will leave your Facebook page and end up directly on your website this will help increase the number of visits to your website.

B. Attracting Users To Install Your Application

Get users to the store where they can buy your app.

C. Increase The Number Of Participants In The Event You Are Organizing

Create and promote an event on Facebook to increase the number of participants.

D. Increase Your Video Review

Promote videos with your promotional video clips or any other content that you believe will help you better recognize your brand.

E. Creating A List Of Potential Clients

From people already interested in your company, gather information about potential clients and direct your promotional activities to them.

3. Conversions

A. Increase Conversions On Your Website

Send people to their website to perform a specific action, e.g. Look at the recording, fill in the form or purchase a product. Measure and optimize your ad for conversions by Facebook pixel.

B. Increase Interaction With Your Application

Attract more users to use your mobile or Facebook apps.

C. Attracting Users To Take Advantage Of Your Offer

Promote discounts for the quickest or other offers that users can use in your store.

D. Promote A Catalog Full Of Products Or A Single Product

Create ads that automatically display products from your product catalog based on the target audience. Before this type of promotion, you must have a product catalog created.

E. Visiting Your Store At The Given Address

An online campaign focused on achieving offline results or visiting your location.

Facebook Marketing

Advertising on the world’s most popular social network will give you an easy reach to your target audience. With  1.65 billion active Facebook users, surely your target group is among them.

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We will help you reach your target audience to make sure that you are smartly investing in marketing on social networks.

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